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Suggested Retail Price HK$598

  • Capacity: 600 ml (Juice Cup)
  • 400W (Max. Motor Locked Wattage)
  • Built-In Circuit Breaker
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • 400W(Maximum motor locked wattage)
  • Built-In Circuit Breaker
  • Safe Switch-Lock Clamps
  • Full Stainless Steel Spinner

Nutritious, fresh, pulp-less juice can be made quickly

400W*2        2 Speeds        Dishwasher Safe*3

*1Juice cup size     *2Max. motor locked wattage
*3Dishwasher-safe parts are restricted. The spinner,
motor housing and attached brush are not dishwasher-safe.


Get the most out of your fruits

Unique spinner shape extracts a large amount of juice and also achieves smooth texture.


Space-saving built-in container for limited kitchen space

The built-in type takes up little space during and after use.


Minimalist design for cleanliness

Designed for easy cleaning and featuring new dishwasher-safe material.

Precise and Durable Full Metal Spinner

Thoroughly extracts the juice, resulting in a smooth drink

Even on busy mornings, you can easily nourish your body with fine, tasty juice.

The slightly spiral orientation of low angle cutters helps catch fruits on as many blades as possible to thoroughly extract juice. The finer holes in the filter mesh separate the juice from the pulp for a smooth-tasting drink every time.

Low-Angle Cutter

Squeeze a lot at once

Fine Filter Mesh

For a smooth texture

Two-Speed Control

Speed adjustment to suit the ingredients

Two-speed control lets you adjust the power to match the hardness of the ingredients.

Speed 2 is suitable for hard fruits and vegetables e.g. apples, carrots, etc. while speed 1 is suitable for softer fruits e.g. watermelons, oranges, etc.

Powerful juicing allows you to make juices from even ingredients with peel.

Sophisticated Minimalist Design

Compact and takes up little space on the kitchen counter

Sleek, simple design with white tones that easily blends in with the kitchen.

Built-in juice container for space saving

The jug is designed to fit inside the main unit.

Square-shaped handle for easy grip

Designed to make it easy to remove the container and to ensure safety.

*1Juice cup size

Easy to Clean

Cleaning up afterwards with minimal hassle

While you may hesitate to use a general juicer often because of the cleaning required, this juicer is easy to maintain.

New lid shape for easier cleaning

Compared to current models, the lid is slightly curved to prevent pulp from sticking to the top surface of the container.

Minimalist design for easy cleaning

Fewer parts to wash, so it’s easy to clean.

Easy to wash and keep clean

The parts are fully washable, so they are always kept clean. Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning up even easier.

*Dishwasher-safe parts are restricted. The spinner, motor housing and attached brush are not dishwasher-safe.

Blender / Juicer / Food Processor
Power Supply230W
Operating Rating2-speed Control
Blender Container 600 ml (Juice Cup)
Dimensions (HxWxD)20.1 X 27.2 X 28.3 cm
Weight (when blending) Approx.2.5 KG


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